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San Gimnano

History continues

sunny 26 °C

Hi All. We went to San Gimnano (I think that,s how it is spelt) today which is famous for its towers. Apparently in the medieval times, feuding families would build towers to throw rocks, spears anything else they could think of at each other to hopefully kill or maim their neighbours. That was about the 12th century. Some of the towers still stand today. There were about 100 now only 10. So all of the building around the PIazza are from around the 12th century and perhaps a little earlier. The town is way up in the mountains of Tuscany and you look out over valleys and into other villages. Having a wonderful time with all of the crew on the trip. Really lovely bunch of people and they help each other out. We,ve got a couple of more mature ladies on the trip and we all muck in and make sure they get to see what they might want to get to see. There,s lots of uphill walking to do and they get a little tired and puffed out.

Anyway, take care all. Only another week and a bit and we,ll be home. :-(

CIao, Ciao

Bee and Ron

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St Giovanni

Quiet day

sunny 26 °C

Dear All
Went to St Giovanni as it was their market day yesterday and had a good look look around. After that we all headed back to the Villa for lunch with traditional pizza from the oven here and had a wonderful time in the heat and sun with a few glasses of favourite drinking stuff (Prosecca for us). After a little Nana nap, into another town to gather in their Piazza as the locals all do. Also did a bit of shopping and surprisingly Ron bought my birthday present. Fortunately I was there to point him in the right direction!

Surprisingly this morning I have a little bit of a headache. Thanks goodness for Panadol.

Anyway, off to another town soon which is famous for its icecream. I quess this is so I can buy some more jeans!

Ciao Ciao all.
Bee and ron

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Tuscany photos

Finally managed to get some onto the blog

sunny 23 °C

Dear All
Have finally managed to get a couple of photos onto the blog. However the internet cafe PC,s are so incredibly slow that I,ll be there all day waiting for them to load on. I,ve put a couple of photos on for you to have a look at. Have got heaps more so stay tuned and we,ll be able to bore all of you at some time with a slide show! Won,t that be fun?
Ciao Ciao
Bee and Ron

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San Sepulcro

History 101

sunny 26 °C

Dear All
Went to San Sepulcro and Menterchi (apparently pronounced MEN TURKEY) but anyway, had a wonderful time discovering the meaning behind some very famous frescoes and the person who painted them, Pierre Della Francesca. Ron twisted my arm to buy some more shoes and some more cologne. Can,t believe I managed to get a bottle of one of my most favourite colognes for 27euros. Back home it would be about 120.00 AUD. Food is unbelievably wonderful and not necessarily expensive either. Most of the group had lunch together yesterday for 12euros. How cheap is that? Relaxing really well although a little more sleep would be great. I have this bad habit of waking at 01.00 and then maybe I,ll go back to sleep then maybe not. All of the people on the tour with us are just wonderful and we have such a laugh together. Still can,t manage to get photos onto the blog at the moment but I,ll be looking for an internet cafe today as we are going into the town for the markets. Might be a cafe there.
Ciao Ciao all.
B and Ron

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Wonderful sights

sunny 24 °C

Dear All
The good times continue and we went to Siena yesterday. What a wonderful place. Built in the 13th century and not a lot has changed there since. Also went to the D,uomo which is their huge cathedral and took about 150 years to build.
Our feet are telling us we are seeing a lot. Food is wonderful and lots of good wine, which is one of the most important things in life. I might be able to put some photos on as I finally managed to transfer photos from the camera onto a thumb drive. Stay tuned.
Ciao all
Bee and Ron

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