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Tuscany continues

Beautiful Arezzo

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Dear All. Hope all is well there back in Oz. We are being well cared for in Toscano. Living like Kings and being fed so well. I,m sure I will have to buy bigger clothes soon. The food and wine is wonderful.
I,m still having huge issues with being able to load on photos but another person arrived yesterday and he has said I can use his laptop to do what I need to do with photos. So there should be a heap of other photos on the blog soon.
We went to a town called Arezzo yesterday and a lot of it is still standing from the 12th century. Marvellous to see and the frescoes in the main church are exquisite. Antiques everywhere, huge chandeliers and all sorts of furniture.
All of the companions are wonderful people and we have laughed so much we were nearly all sick last night. And thats after only one day. Just beginning to imagine what we will be like after 14 days.
Clothes are wonderful. I havent bought any more clothes yet but we go to Firenze (Florence) next Monday and apparently the shopping there is to die for.
Anyway, take care all.
B and Ron

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Having a blast spending heaps

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Dear All
A quick update. We,ve just landed in Tuscano (Tuscany) and have had a quick look look at the Villa. Absolutely beautiful.

Havenn,t been able to get near a PC for a few days but need a couple of hours at the mo to rest and catch our breath. You,ll understand more soon.



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Au Revoir Paris

Having a ball in just a few days

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Dear All

Have had a great time in Paris. Having a bit of an easier day today and we fly out to Venice this afternoon.
Still haven't been able to find a way to load on the photo's from the camera but will have to check out what I've got access to in Tuscany.
We're back in the Latin Quarter at the moment. Wonderful shops filled with antiques and
Will talk to you all soon.
Bee and Ron

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Paris continues

How to wear out shoe leather in 3 easy (not) days

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Hi All
I can,t believe we have almost got to the end of our time in Paris. We,ve really had an absolute ball and really enjoying ourselves, although we,re both fairly well knackered now. Would you believe we actually didn,t get back to the Hotel until 02.00 last night. And of course we were awake at our usual time, hence we,ve had a bit of a more laid back day today. We went on the Eifel Tower dinner, cruise and Moulin Rouge tour last night, therefore the late bed time. Today we went to Arc de Triomphe, past the Eifel Tower again and to Sacre Cor (I think it,s the oldest church in Paris and has a magnificent elevated view of Paris.
I,m having difficulties with the technology here and the PC keyboards are not QWERTY, so all the keys are in the wrong place for me and am reduced to two finger typing. I can,t load any photo,s on at the moment either, so that might have to wait until we get to Tuscany and I have access to the PC at the Villa.
Hope all is well over there. Haven,t heard any news, so don,t even know if Oz is still there or not. I,m sure I would have heard if anything was wrong by now though.
Take care all
Cheers Bee and Ron

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Ooh la la

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Dear all
Have hit Paris. OMG. What a shock to the senses. Surrounded by so much history and so much to see in such a short time. Got conned by a little old fella at the train station. Although in reality he did us a favour and took us to where taxi departed from (for 10euros). His way of making a living and I just had to laugh really. Have been to Champs Elysee and Tuileries Gardens and outside the Louvre. Am in the Latin Quarter at the moment.

Ron,s going to add something in now cos I,m sure your all bored with my rants by now.

The hotel is fantastic. It is very historic and people like Baudelaire, Wagner and Oscar Wilde frequented it in the past. The view from our bedroom window is a vision of the Seine looking straight across at the Louvre. The Quai de Voltaire that the hotel is in runs along the Seine and every shop is full of beautiful things- furniture, art, sculpture and antiques. Every direction that you look in is a beautiful vista of magnificent architecture and well known landmarks. Note for Joy - almost every restaurant menu we have looked at in restarants near to the hotel have duck on the menu. I think that is what I will be having tonight. Prices are surprisingly good - about the equivalent of 30 dollars Aus. Cant wait for what sights tomorrow brings. Over to Bryan.

OK all. will put some more photos on tomorrow. Catcha later.

B and Ron

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